Services Offered

Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. provides many services. All tailored to fit the needs of each organization.
Al Bailey and Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. fully discussed your organization’s or company’s needs.
Then Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. works closely with Board Members and agency managers to come up with
what is needed and what will be gained from the services offered by Eye For Change, Inc.

The qualified staff at Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. have worked in the field of Social Services for years.
Al Bailey is the right person to give your organization the most bangs for its buck. He is the right man at the right time.

Strategic Planning Services

Services Offered

  • Training in strategic planning.
  • Facilitation of strategic plan retreats.
  • In-depth organizational assessments and strategic plans.
  • Hands-on work with board and management team members to assess, plan, and implementation of specific strategies
    in areas such as fundraising, board development, and cultural competency.
  • Internet and on-site focused assessments. Recommendations for immediate fundraising, board, and team building strategies.

Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. Approach

  • Belief that the client has the answers to their goals… they just need an unbiased fine tuner.
  • We guide, coach, and through the voice of experience we gives focus and direction to the diverse interests within each
    organization with the strongest voice given to your constituents and customers.
  • We conduct internal and external research to develop strategies aimed at organizational excellence and achievement with
    results that fulfill your organization’s Mission.
  • We develop a vision for the future of your organization.
  • We develop goals to achieve your organizational goals.
  • We develop the plan to fund that vision, if your visions are unclear, too broad, etc.
  • We embed diversity in every aspect of the organizations plan.
  • We assist organizations in building the capacity to carry out the programs with. an emphasis on meeting your constituent’s
    and community’s needs.
  • We assist in board development.
  • We teach and develop well-rounded, diverse fundraising programs that work.

Typical Strategic Plan Results

  • Strong board and staff partnerships that are generated through the inclusive process.
  • Creative solutions to program development including expansion, internal restructuring, and possible mergers, acquisitions
    and/or the combining of programs.
  • Board development.
  • Cultural competency plans that work.
  • Revised Mission Statements , including new agency names, if desired.
  • New funding using data based and consumer informed plans as the basis for grant proposals and fundraising drives.

Board Development Services

Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. Approach

Our approach is through effective, competent, and congenial boards which are developed through understanding board and
management roles and relations, good planning, and training, improved policies and procedures, and sound recruitment and
retention practices. Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. focuses on creating dynamic, balanced, diverse boards and staff teams.
We develop and tailor best practice strategies for each organization’s board and management needs.

Board Development Consultation is provided in a variety of formats :

  • Hands-on strategic planning and development of agreements, policies and procedures, materials, and processes that achieve results.
  • Facilitation of the planning processes in board diversity, fundraising and/or restructuring, if needed.
  • Training in Governance Responsibilities
  • Board and Committee Restructuring
  • Facilitation of Board Retreats and Orientations
  • Development of new or revised policies and the production of Board manuals
  • Facilitation of TeamBuilding processes, specializing in Cultural Competency and Communication Skills
  • Coaching for Executive Management and Board Leadership

Board Development — Typical Results

  • A comprehensive written Board Development Plan is adopted.
  • A clear purpose and vision for the Board is developed by the board with guidance from 1st Impressions.
  • Recruitment, orientation, training, and retention strategies that is viable, easy to understand and easy to implement.
  • Roles and responsibilities of Board and Staff in relation to one another are agreed upon. Appropriate channels of communication are developed for best outcomes.
  • An increased Board capacity to raise funds and to represent the agency in the community.
  • Consistent ability to make sound decisions based on new and improved processes and procedures which is modeled by officers and executive staff.
  • Board Diversity and Recruitment Plans assure appropriate Board composition, size, and diversity to fulfill your organization’s Mission and serve your community and constituents.
  • Improved Cultural Competency and/or a Cultural Competency Plan
  • Clear agreements and understanding of Board structure including roles of committees, officers, and members.
  • Board Leadership, orientation, and development training materials are developed and training is provided.
  • Board Self-Assessment systems are developed and implemented
  • Board Manual and other Board documents, including committee and officer position descriptions and policies and procedures are developed and/or revised as needed.

Fundraising – Fund Development Services

  • Campaign plans, including feasibility studies and plans for capital, annual and endowment campaigns
  • Fundraising assessments and plans, including launch of new fund development programs
  • Integrated campaign consultation
  • Campaign consultation to include: planning, training, specializing in endowment and capital campaigns
  • Focused assessments for groups seeking short-term strategies
  • Develop strategies for growth or downsizing, as per the specific needs of each organization
  • Development of diversifying income with emphasis on individual donors
  • Training —Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. provides a full range of basic to advanced fundraising training for organizations, boards, staff, associations, seminars and conferences, training organizations, individuals, and committees. Our interactive training generates enthusiasm, commitment, and, most importantly, results.

Mentoring and Coaching

  • Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. is available to be hired, on retainer, to provide confidential coaching and mentoring in fundraising leadership skills for Development and Executive Directors, CEOs and board officers.
  • Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. offers committee coaching for Fund Development.
  • Coaching of other committees to assist in the plan of action and helping to keep the committees focused so they can get work done.
  • Writing, editorial advice, and training services by published author.


  • Eye For Change Consulting, Inc. offers the generation of the following, to benefit your organization:
  • Fundraising brochures
  • Annual Appeal and Campaign Letters
  • Foundation and Corporate Grant Proposals
  • Strategies for Fundraising Success
  • And more just ask.

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